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EdmONtON Hash House Harriers
During the winter months (October-March) the EH3 run every Saturday afternoon at 2:00pm.
During the summer-like months in EdmONtON (April-September) the EH3 run every Monday night at 6:30pm

Old Strathcona Hash House Harriers
The OSH3 run every Sunday afternoon at 2:00pm

The Intreadibles Walking Hash
The Intreadibles walk every Thursday at 6:30pm

EdmONtON Full Moon Hash House Harriers
The EFMH3 run monthly at 7:00pm on the Friday closest to the full moon


The BASH rides every Tuesday at 6:30pm during the summer months.
A mountain bike is suggested, but the hares usually plan a secondary route for those less crazy bashers.
Bring a Helmet!!!!

The SNASH Hashes on Snowshoes every Tuesday at 6:30pm during the winter months.

Bitch-U-Man Hash House Harriers
The BUMH3 Hashes every Thursday at 6:30pm

Diva Hash House Harriers
The Diva H3 Hashes every Friday the 13th

EH3 Hash Calendar
Upcumming Hash/Interhash Events

Date Event
May 10, 2014 EH3 Red Dress Run 2014

Check http://www.edmontonhasher.com for details.

July 5-6, 2014 Edmonton Brony Expo 2014

FantasyLand Hotel, West Edmonton Mall

The Edmonton Brony Expo, not wanting to be outdone by its last year's success, is setting up to what looks to be a promising convention in 2014! They will be set up in the FantasyLand Hotel and Conference Center in West Edmonton Mall, which happens to be the biggest mall in North America, located in Alberta, Canada. But enough with my introductions, come and see after the break what initial guests, registration info, and other goodies might possibly be in store for you this coming July!

Check http://bronyexpo.com/ for details.

August 1-3, 2014 BronyCon 2014

Baltimore, Maryland

BronyCon is the world's largest convention for and by fans of the animated TV series "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic." Starting out as a one-day event in New York City with just 100 attendees, BronyCon has grown over the years to a weekend-long extravaganza drawing over 8,000 fans from every corner of the globe. Featuring show guests, an incredible panel lineup, BronyPalooza, a fully-stocked vendor hall, screenings, contests and so much more, BronyCon has something in store for everyone.

Check http://www.bronycon.org for details.

August 15-17, 2014 EH3 AGPU Weekend 2014

Telfordville, Alberta

September 4-7, 2015 InterAmericas Hash 2015
Portland, Oregon, USA

Check http://www.interamoregon.com for details.

May 20-22, 2016 World Interhash 2016
Denpasar, Bali

Check http://www.interhash2016.com/ for details.

All EH3 runs are Dog free.

All EH3 runs are Pony free.

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