The Hash has NO RULES (but there are some traditions):

  • You must be 18 years or older to attend an EH3 run or event.
  • Sorry, because they can get underfoot, no dogs on the runs. That includes runs, walks, and the opening and closing circles. You can bring your dog, but walk it on paths away from the other hashers.
  • Run fees are $5. Fee is waived for virgins, (i.e. those new to hashing). This entitles you to one beverage, beer/cooler/soft swill, at the run. Extra beverages cost $2.
  • If you pre-pay for 30 runs, you get 3 runs free. You can pay by cheque at a run, or send $150 by e-transfer to Gobble Me at edmontonhhh (at) gmail (dot) com (preferred choice). It’ll be an automatic deposit with no security question. Just let Hash Cash know you’ve paid this way.
  • Hares run for free on their run. Scribes get a coupon for a free run emailed from the esteemed Trash Editor once they submit a run report.
  • The ON-ON beer fee is $10.

To hare a run, please contact Happy Beaver (ms.happy.b (at) gmail (dot) com) or Big Rubber (jyaskowich (at) gmail (dot) com) at a run or by email with the subject line beginning with Run Info and cc French Tickler at patricia (at) pglawoffice (dot) ca and her assistant Lorraine at lorraine (at) pglawoffice (dot) ca. Updates may also be sent to al (dot) klassen (at) outlook (dot) com. If you would like to, or need to, sponsor a hash hold please contact the hares.

Unless otherwise posted, runs from April through September are held Mondays at 6:30 pm and runs from October through March are held Saturdays at 2:00 pm.

If details are missing from an upcumming run, it may have been updated but you may need to refresh your web browser.

EH3 Run #1740, Monday, April 15 – The Mucus Magically Mayhem
Hares: Sound of Mucus, Rumple Dick Skin
Location: 1086 Grantham Drive NW (west side of Glastonbury Park) (
On-On: Boston Pizza (restaurant side unless there is room in the bar)  6238 199 St (
Hash Hold Sponsor: Passion Pit
Food Specials: $10.99 any individual pizza (additional toppings extra)
Notes: Oilers game will be on.

EH3 Run #1741, Monday, April 22 – Too Tight to Break Wind Run
: Too Tight, Breaking Wind
Location: Holyrood Community League, 9411 Holyrood Rd (
On-On: Duke of Argyll Pub in the Four Points Hotel, 7230 Argyll Rd (

EH3 Run #1742, Monday, April 29 – 
: Money Shot, Bum Deal

EH3 Run #1743, Monday, May 6 – Stinko de Mayo Run
: Limp Noodle, Ass Wipe, Hat Trick, Butt Sniffer

EH3 Run #1744, May 13 – Chinese New Year Run, Year of the Drag-on (on)
Hares: Problem Child and his cast of concubines

EH3 Run #1745, May 20 – 
Hares: need hares

EH3 Run #1746, May 27 – 
Hares: Mad Cow and his cast of Mad Dogs and Englishmen

EH3 Run #1747, June 3 – D-Day Run
Hare: Big Rubber


EH3 Run # 1750, June 24 – Devil Warrior Women 666 Run
Hares: BlowHoleE, French Tickler, Smurf-o-Phile
Note: run date is 6/24/24 ⇒ 6 / 2+4 / 2+4 ⇒ 666


Saturday, July 20 – Annual General Piss Up (AGPU)
Details TBA


EH3 Run # 1758, August 19
Hare: Slippery Down Under