Red Dress Run Committee

Would you be interested in joining the Red Dress Run Committee? Please contact Boobie Trap if you would like to join our merry band, or talk to her in person.

Role Description Individual
Head Goddess/Chair Chairs the meetings, ensures each committee member is on track with their responsibilities, supports members when needed. Flags problems that require discussion or action, etc. Boobie Trap
Head Goddess/Chair Emerita Assists the Head Goddess. BlowholeE
Secretary Goddess Works with the Head Goddess to help prepare meeting agendas, record + send out meeting minutes, retain committee lists, retains soft copy of RDR documents (i.e. Proposal letters). Wine Rack
Banker Keeps track of the money. Gobble Me
Charity Liaison/Volunteer Coordinator Typically this person played a primary role in suggesting the chosen charity. As such, they become the primary liaison with the chosen charity. Wine Rack
Hall Booking and Insurance Responsible for securing the hall and buying liability insurance. Free Woody
Dinner Organizers Dinner people are responsible for ordering/organizing dinner, hall set up for serving dinner. BlowholeE
Problem Child
Hall Snacks and Decorating Organizes treats and decorates the hall for the run. Butt Floss
Entertainment Organizes entertainment for the evening. BlowholeE
Registration Responsible for collecting registration forms and fees. Works closely with on-line registration (web master). Supplies counts to Haberdashery person and Hall/food person. On day of event, mans the registration table and signs people in. Phone Sax
Haberdashery Dreams up, designs, purchases, and distributes the item or items given away to participants. Pelvic Thrust
Webmaster Creates and maintains the RDR web site with up to date information. Includes on-line registration. Works with the registration team. Idiot Savant
Hash Trash Ensures the Hash Trash covers all RDR information that Hashers need to know. Lucky Stiff
Out-of-Towners Informant Publicizes the event to non-local hashers. Finger Food
Official Blabbermouth/Hash Trash Ads Shamelessly promotes the event. Available!
Hare Raiser/Hash Hold Organizer Recruits hares for the run. Organizes the hash holds by securing locations (i.e. pubs/bars/on the street) and obtains the swill for each one. Lap Quest
2018 Hare (Representative of Group) Set the runs for the RDR. Finger Food
Swill Master of Wine and Coolers Organizes the wine and coolers provided at the run. Dick Tracy
Swill Master of Beer Organizes the beer provided at the run. Ass Wipe
Soft Swill Master Organizes the non-alcoholic beverages at the run. Awaiting word
Cash Donations Obtaining cash donations from corporations or individuals. Record and track donations. Collect logos for recognition if being put on a Haberdashery Item, i.e. perhaps on the back of T-shirt and supplies logos to person responsible for T-shirt. Butt Sniffer
50/50 Sells 50/50 tickets at the runs and awards winners at on-ons. Proceeds goes to the charity. High Roller
Butt Sniffer
Pre-Run Shots Collects booze donations and sells shots before the runs. Proceeds go to the charity. Hooter Shooter
Slipped ‘N Slider
French Tickler
Auction Treasury Arranges for auction items to be stored in a location. Available!
Live and Silent Auction Item Collector Responsible for collecting auction items. Includes promoting to the hash club the need for items. Collects auction item from the donator. Ensure form is filled out accurately/ensuring all proper paper work is done if they are trying to get it approved for a tax receipt/need receipts or proof of value! Other duties include: assigning a number, inputting data into the computer, creating a bid sheet (if on-line item), and displaying it appropriately. Screaming Wet Hole
Auction Booze Basketeers Collects wine and beer donations and assembles baskets for auction. Restricted Entry
Nasty Habit
Mud Vessel
Live Auctioneer Works the crowd to get top dollar for auction items. Bag Snatcher
Money Cans Organizes the money cans. May include refurbishing the cans from previous years, handing out the cans to people who can collect during the run, rolling and counting the cash upon return to the hall. Recruits counters and coin rollers. Orders the cards to be handed out during the run to prospective donors. Secures prize for top collector. Happy Beaver
Master of Ceremonies Keeps the night on track by announcing what’s happening during the evening, house keeping, etc. Bag Snatcher
Fashion Dominatrix Hosts the Red Dress Run swap, typically held at the Senior’s lodge a week or two prior to the event. Mr. 69 Sir Nookey