The new EH3 web site

Welcome to the new Edmonton Hash House Harriers web site!

Why a new web site? Our old hosting service was about to go away, so we had to find us a new home. Since we were moving over anyways, it seemed like this would be a good time to do a facelift. But there’s more going on than just a facelift.

Initially we’ll continue to have the usual introduction to what hashing is and what hashing opportunities are available in the Edmonton area. Soon we’ll move posts of run information on this site from the Google site. There will be this blog, and interactions in the comments. We may provide an email via an domain for those members who wish to separate their hashing activity from their work or home communications.

This initial version of the site is merely the beginning of an evolving design as we figure out what we want to do with it. In other words, yes, we know it’s a little rough, but it’ll get better! Please let us know what you think.

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