The Old Strathcona Hash House Harriers (OSH3) is a “no frills” hash, with no run fee and no Religious Advisor. It’s a friendly, casual hash with just a run and good company!

We meet at 2 pm year-round on occasional Sundays when someone steps up to set a run. Runs are usually simpler than in the “big hash”: we usually just use checks and leave out the checkbacks and false trails unless the hare f*cks up. We also don’t usually have a hashhold, but we don’t complain if the hare offers one!

Because we’re a small hash we often meet up for potlucks at the hare’s home or at some small pub. Like the other hashes we still take advantage of the Edmonton region’s extensive network of trails and river / creek valleys. It’s a good place to learn how to set trails because the trails are easier to set, there’s usually no pub to book, and we’re grateful to get the hares.

Breaking news: Mud Vessel and Boobs Galore have declared themselves the Religious Advisors for the OSH3. The plan is to meet monthly, still on Sundays at 2 pm, and hoping to retain the potluck segment afterwards.

If you haven’t been voluntold to hare, but wish to hare a run, please contact Mud Vessel at marg (dot) golberg (at) gmail (dot) com and/or Boobs Galore at rhemmes (at) telus (dot) net.

Updates to this page can be sent to Dr. Diddle at d (dot) e (dot) checkel (at) gmail (dot) com or al (dot) klassen (at) outlook (dot) com.

OSH3 #1045 – Annual Cheap Champagne Run
Sunday, March 19, 2023, at 2:00 pm
: French Tickler will attempt to set a running and walking trail
Host: Muddy, 12636 52 Ave
Notes: Chilli and BD cake by Muddy. Bring other pot luck as desired and BYOB.

OSH3 #1046 April

OSH3 #1047 May

OSH3 #1048 June

OSH3 #1049 July


OSH3 #1050 – Backyard Delight
Sunday, August 19, at 2 pm
Hares and Hosts
: Webster’s Dick, Sperm Bank
Location: 11211 36 St
Notes: Hares will provide burgers and the fixings. Please bring other potluck items. BYOB and a lawn chair.