Visiting EdmONtON HHH

Here are some commonly asked questions received from visitors before they arrive. If you are new to hashing, please scan down this page to find answers to your questions. Please feel free to contact us and ask anything about our pack.

1. Where is EdmONtON?
Just turn West when you get to Canada!!!

2. Where and when do you run next?
Check out the hash listings here.

3. Can I get a ride to/from the run?
Probably. Let us know your local contact details ASAP and we'd be more than happy to help get you out to one of our runs. Send an email to: mrpeeeeenut at gmail dot com.

4. Is there any place to crash after the run?
Probably. Same as #3 above, let us know your plans asap and we'll see if we can accommodate you. Send an email to: mrpeeeeenut at gmail dot com.

5. Do visitors have run fees?
No. Visitors can run for free with EdmONtON for their first run... after that we'll consider them a local. Please note that this does not cover the on-on costs after the run.

6. Are you a mixed hash?
Yes. All EdmONtON area hashes are mixed. At the EdmONtON HHH, we have about a 50-50 (male:female) split. All visitors are welcome!!!

7. How do I contact or reach other EdmONtON Hashers?
We maintain a contact directory for EdmONtON Hashers that is available to subscribers (you must have hashed at least once with us to get added onto it). If you are new to the EH3 and want to get a copy of the next edition, then please click on this link to the EH3 Contact Directory.

New To Hashing?

1. What is hashing?
The Hash House Harriers are a "Drinking Club with a Running Problem". For a no-so-brief history of the HHH, click HHHERE. For some background on the local Edmonton Area hashes, click HHHASHTORY. If after reading those two pages, you are still intrigued then read on-on.

2. Where/when do you run next?
Runs are listed on this web site here.

3. How Far Do You Run?
A typical hash run is about 45 to 60 minutes. The trail is normally designed to allow the Front Running Bastards (FRB's) to run as fast and hard as they like AND allow the Back O Packers to walk at a brisk pace AND everyone finishes around the same time. We do not measure time, distance, pace, or placement. If you are looking for a competitive running club, go somewhere else.

4. Do I have to Drink Beer?
It is highly recommended, though not a requirement. There are NO RULES in the hash. There are other drink options available at most runs (cider and soft swill, e.g. pop, juice). At the end of your first run, you will be asked to 'down-down' a beer. Hashers consider this an honour. If you do not like the idea of chugging at least one beer in your life, then perhaps there is another group that you want to hang out with. The rest of the time, we are happy to drink our beer socially.

5. Do virgins / new boots have run fees?
Yes, you will be a virgin again. We call all new hashers virgins (other hashes call them new boots). You will have to pay the standard $5 run fee. Please note that this does not cover the on-on costs after the run.

6. When do I get one of those neat hash names?
Just as soon as you say or do something to deserve it. Until, then your name is Just John or Just Susan or Just Bill (hopefully, you get the idea. Don't make me draw you a picture).

7. What is On-On?
There are a few universally understood and accepted expressions in the hash. The most famous is "On-On!" Used as a verb, it is the way one hasher lets another hasher know that he is on trail (ie. if you are on trail, you are supposed to call out - On-On!" It is also used as a noun to describe the apr├Ęs-hash. After we run, we have a short down-down circle (entertaining 15-20 minute experience), then we head off to a local bar or pub for some more beer and usually some food. We call the bar afterward the "On-On". We also used the expression as a farewell to other hashers (e.g. you will notice that emails messages will typically be closed with a parting - On-On!).

Mr. PeeeeeNut
More Questions? Send us an email:
mrpeeeeenut at gmail dot com (change the at to @ and the dot to .)