This is an all women’s hashing group (no men allowed!) that meets every Friday the 13th or whenever we damn well feel like it! Our purpose is to run trails that include stops along the way to drink champagne and eat bon-bons. The Hares provide the champagne and chocolate on trail and may collect a small coverage fee at the end of the trail. The pack members are encouraged to bring their favorite beverage and any kind of food to share at the gathering afterwards. Runners and walkers are equally welcome as the whole aim of our group is to be sociable, enjoying a chat with whoever comes along.

Our favorite quote: Men are like fine wine: they all start out as grapes and it’s our job to stomp on them and keep them in the dark until they mature into something we can have dinner with.

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Friday, August 13, 2021, 6:30 pm
Where: The Pit of Passion, 437 Butchart Drive. Lovely back yard to gather in.
Wear: Your FINEST bling! We’ll sip some bubbly and then take a Diva stroll. If you want to run or walk very very fast, go on ahead! 
On-On:  Same. More bubbly after stroll! And chocolate. Bring $5 for bubbly and BYOB & drinking vessel & something snacky and maybe a chair. If it rains, we can go inside..
RSVP: If there are any questions, text me at 780 965 4546 or email marg dot golberg at
If lost on the day, call or text Sandy at 780 619 9890