• Eagles:  1.5-2 hours of mountain bike riding that includes narrow single-track blue and black trails as shown at trailforks.com.
  • Falcons.: 1.5-2 hours – wide track and/or green single track
  • Mountain or cross-country bike required.  Helmet as well as tool kit with tire tube, lever, pump, chain breaker, chain link and chain lube required and know how to use them. 
  • Join Facebook EH3 Bash group for more information. 

    Bash#776- Eagles & Falcons

    Tuesday,, May 30, 2023. 6:30pm

    LOCATION: 36 Ave & 39 St (Millwoods)

    ONON: O2’s 6550-28 Ave

    NOTES:  NoHelmet No Ride.